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[09D] Abbarno, Aaron J (University of Pittsburgh)
The Conditional Electoral Connection in the European Parliament

[06F] Allen, David (Loughborough University, UK)
The Solana Era: The Development of the EU's CFSP and ESDP during the period of office of High Representative Javier Solana, 1999-2009

[05D] Allerkamp, Doreen (University of Mannheim/Syracuse University)
Intergovernmentalism, reloaded. The transformative power of 'intergovernmental' Council decision making

[06B] Alter, Karen J. (Northwestern University)
Laurence Helfer

[11F] Anderson, Karen (Nijmegen University)
Paulette Kurzer
Europeanization and Social Solidarity: Restructuring of Pensions and Health

[08F] Andrews, David M (Scripps College)
The radical impulse in European monetary affairs

[04G] Archer, Toby (The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki)
Between Kant and Hobbes: Finnish Security Policy after the Cold War and European Integration

[10J] Armitage, David (U.S. Department of State)
Soft Power in Hard Times: An American Perspective of ESDP After a Decade

[09A] Asano, Yasuko (University of Tsukuba)
Dismantling the Ancien Regime: Public Service Liberalizaion in the EU and the Vulnerability of Sector Regimes

[02D] Auel, Katrin (University of Oxford)
Servants of the People or Masters of the Government? Explaining Parliamentary Behaviour in EU Affairs

[12E] Avdeyeva, Olga (Loyola University Chicago)
Social Policy reform in Hungary: Towards a Dual Earner Family?

[10F] Awesti, Anil (University of Warwick)
EU Transport Infrastructure Policy, New Institutionalism and Types of Multi-Level Governance: The Case of Vienna

[10H] Aydin, Umut (Bogazici University)
Promoting Competition: European Union and the Global Competition Order


[04E] Balli, Volker (Universitaet Bremen/ Trento University)
Justifying Common European Action through Human Rights and Securitz

[05D] Balli, Volker (Universitaet Bremen/ Trento University)
A Pragmatist-Conceptual Approach towards European Integration

[04F] Ban, Carolyn (University of Pittsburgh)
Wouter Vandenabeele
Catholic University of Leuven
Motivation and Values of European Commission Staff

[10C] Barbé, Esther (Institut Barcelona Estudis Internacionals/Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Oriol Costa, Anna Herranz Surrallés, Michal Natorski
Which rules shape EU’s external governance? The patterns of rule selection in foreign and security policies

[04G] Baun, Michael (Valdosta State University)
Dan Marek
Czech Foreign Policy and EU Membership: Europeanization and Domestic Sources

[01D] Beach, Derek (University of Aarhus)
Choosing Europe

[10D] Beach, Derek (University of Aarhus)
The costs of no

[03D] Beasley Von Burg, Alessandra (Wake Forest University)
Free to Move but Nowhere to Go: The European Union and the Roma Population

[01F] BEGG, Iain (European Institute, LSE)
New demands for EU spending: justifiable or fanciful?

[01G] Belot, Céline (PACTE, IEP de Grenoble (France))
Bruno Cautrès, Sylvie Strudel
How much does European integration distrurb the political space of EU member states ? A French case.

[09D] bendjaballah, selma (sciences po paris)
The European Parliament and the US House of Representatives in a comparative view. The role of the standing committees

[05F] Beyers, Jan (University of Antwerp)
Bart Kerremans, University of Leuven
Multilevel venue-shopping in Europe: A comparative analysis of interest organizations in four EU member-states

[09E] Beyers, Jan (University of Antwerp)
Policy Issues, Organizational Format and the Political Strategies of Interest Organizations

[12D] Bieber, Tonia (University of Bremen)
Switzerland Goes Europe? Swiss Education Policy Making under the Impact of the Bologna Process

[09A] Biedenkopf, Katja (Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Global REACH?: The Potential International Impact of EU Chemicals Regulation

[02E] Biukovic, Ljiljana (University of British Columbia)
Anatomy of an Experiment: Consolidation of EU Contract Law

[07F] Blauberger, Michael (University of Bremen)
From Negative to Positive Integration? European State Aid Control Through Soft and Hard Law

[12H] Bouvet, Florence Ghislaine (Sonoma State University)
The Beveridge Curve in Europe: New evidence using national and regional data

[11I] Boylan, Brandon M. (University of Pittsburgh)
Integrating Muslims into Western Societies: Transatlantic Policies and Perspectives

[12H] Boyle, Nigel (Pitzer College Claremont)
Wolf J. Schünemann (Universität Koblenz-Landau)
The Malleable Politics of Activation Reform: the‘Hartz’ Reforms in Comparative Perspective

[04C] Bruszt, Laszlo (European University Institute)
Balazs Vedres
Fostering Developmental Agency from Without

[10A] Buonanno, Laurie (Buffalo State College, SUNY)
Neill Nugent
Understanding the EU Policy Portfolio: Conceptualising a Dynamic Model of Integration

[09D] Burns, Charlotte (University of Leeds, UK)
Professor Neil Carter
Dr Nick Worsfold
Green Chamber or Greenwash? An Empirical Analysis of the European Parliament's Environmental Record

[11H] Bursens, Peter (Universiteit Antwerpen)
Dave Sinardet
Democratic Legitimacy in Multilevel Political Systems. The EU and Belgium in Comparative Perspective

[04C] Börzel, Tanja A. (Freie Universität Berlin)
Aron Buzogany (Yale University)
Greening the East: Weak States and Even Weaker Societies?

[06G] Büthe, Tim (Duke University)
with Özgür Gencer and Seema Parkash
The Promise of Turkish EU Membership: A Comparative Analysis


[11F] Carrera, Leandro N (London School of Economics)
When does Europe matter? An analysis of pension reform policy in Spain and Italy

[04F] Carter, Caitríona A (Europa Institute, University of Edinburgh)
Debating causality in the government of the EU: ‘territorial-institutionalism’ and the reform of the common fisheries policy

[02B] Casier, Tom (University of Kent)
The Two-Track Approach to Democracy Promotion in the European Neighbourhood Policy

[03B] Catherine, De Vries E. (University of Amsterdam)
Marco Steenbergen
University of Bern

Dominik Harngartner
University of Bern/Washington University in St. Louis
A Choice Set Modeling Approach to EU Issue Voting

[01F] Cattoir, Philippe (European Commission, DG Budget)
EU Financing Reform

[07B] Chaves, Mariana (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Criminal Law in the EU: greater harshness through harmonisation?

[08C] Chou, Meng-Hsuan (ARENA – Centre for European Studies, Oslo, Norway and Centre of International Studies, Cambridge, UK)
European Union Migration Strategy towards West Africa: the Origin and Outlook of ‘Mobility Partnerships’ with Cape Verde and Senegal

[05A] Clayton, Jess (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Persuasion versus Coercion: Human Rights Compliance within the Context of the Lome and Cotonou Agreements

[01D] Cooper, Ian (ARENA, University of Oslo)
Mapping the Overlapping Spheres: European Constitutionalism after the Treaty of Lisbon

[12A] COSTA, Olivier (CNRS - Institute of Political Studies, Bordeaux)
Nathalie Brack
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Opposing in the European Parliament: An Analysis of Eurosceptic MEPs

[01B] Cram, Laura (University of Strathclyde)
Too late ‘to dissolve the people and elect another? Cognition, Contingent Consent and Turbulence in the Integration Process?

[04E] Crossley-Frolick, Katy (Denison University)
The European Union and Transitional Justice: Human Rights and Post-Conflict Reconciliation in Europe and Beyond

[06E] Crowley, Patrick M (Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi)
Chee-Heong Quah,
University of Malaya,
A single currency for Asia?

[01F] Cuckovic, Nevenka (Institute for International Relations, Croatia)
Kresimir Jurlin
Determinants of Competitiveness and Economic Governance


[10H] Damro, Chad (University of Edinburgh)
Terrence Guay, Pennsylvania State University
Comparing International EU Competition Cases: What Can Business and Politics Learn?

[10I] Dandashly, Assem (University of Victoria)
Amy Verdun, University of Victoria
A Road with Multiple Lanes: The Journeys of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia towards Euro Adoption

[06G] Dangerfield, Martin (University of Wolverhampton)
The Visegrad Group and the European Union’s ‘Eastern’ Dimension*

Implementation of EU Environmental Policy: Role of Domestic Mobilization of Social Actors, Greece as a case study

[11D] de Bruyn, Martyn (Northeastern Illinois University)
On the Future of US EU Relations in the Post Bush Era: Old Friends and New Multilateralism

[06G] De Ridder, Eline (Ghent University)
European Accession and Democratic Consolidation: EU Aid to Developing Democracy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

[02D] De Ruiter, Rik (Universiteit Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands)
Parliamentary scrutiny of methods of open coordination. The involvement of the Dutch and British parliament in the EU governance of the knowledge-based society

[02B] Del Sarto, Raffaella A. (University of Oxford)
Rationality Meets Ambitions: The Paradox of the European Union's Neighbourhood Policy towards North Africa and the Middle East

[03H] Del Sarto, Raffaella A. (University of Oxford)
Borderlands: The Middle East and North Africa as the EU's Southern Buffer Zone

[01H] Delreux, Tom (University of Leuven)
Commission and member states in EU-US Open Skies negotiations: opportunities and constraints in the internal decision-making process

[04G] Denca, Sorin Stefan (University of Birmingham, European Research Institute)
Assessing the impact of European integration on the foreign policy-making in Central and Eastern Europe: the cases of Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia

[07B] Dimitrakopoulos, Dionyssis G. (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Partisan Europe? Political Parties and the Implementation of EU Public Policy

[11G] Dimitrova, Antoaneta (Leiden University)
Dimiter Toshkov, Leiden University
Post-Accession Transposition and Implementation between Administrative Coordination and Political Bargaining

[10H] Doleys, Thomas (Kennesaw State University)
Fifty Years of Molding Article 87: The European Commission and the Development of EU State Aid Policy (1958-2008)

[06C] Dominguez, Roberto (Suffolk University)
European Security Governance: NATO and EU

[04E] Dozler, Michael Glenn (The George Washington University)
Kelly B. Shaw
The External Promotion of Human Rights and the ENP: Separation, Harmonization, and Domination

[05H] Duchesne, Sophie (CNRS & Sciences Po, Paris)
Virginie Van Ingelgom
Persistent Working Class Disinterest in the EU: Rewording the Social Gap.

[03C] Dursun-Ozkanca, Oya (Elizabethtown College, PA)
Rebuilding Kosovo: Cooperation or Competition Between the EU and NATO?


[09E] Eising, Rainer (Ruhr-University Bochum)
Jan Beyers
William Maloney
Researching Interest Group Politics in Europe and Elsewhere: Much We Study, Little We Know?

[02G] Ellermann, Antje (University of British Columbia)
Undocumented Migrants and Resistance in the State of Exception


[12C] Fabbrini, Sergio (University of Trento)
Daniela Sicurelli
Transatlantic relations in Africa. US and EU conflict management in Somalia and Sudan (1991-2008)

[02G] Favell, Adrian (Aarhus University)
After Enlargement: Europe's New Migration System and its Hidden Political Economy of Immigration

[06F] Fernández Sola, Natividad (University of Zaragoza (Spain), visiting researcher Georgetown University)
The External Action Service: The Main Tool for the New High Representative

[03G] Finke, Daniel (University of Heidelberg)
Governmental Positions on European Treaty Reforms: Towards a Dynamic Approach.

[06C] Foucault, Martial (University of Montreal)
Bastien Irondelle (Science Po Paris)
Frederic Merand (University of Montreal)
Public Opinion and ESDP: Does Strategic Culture Matter?

[03D] Francis, John G. (University of Utah)
Leslie P. Francis
University of Utah
Crossing State Borders and Looking for Health Care: The EU and the U.S.

[03F] Fredette, Jennifer (University of Washington)
Who qualifies for citizenship: The political and legal mobilization of Muslims in France


[05H] Genna, Gaspare M (The University of Texas at El Paso)
Images of Europeans: In-Group Trust and Support for European Integration

[10F] Genschel, Philipp (Jacobs University Bremen)
Markus Jachtenfuchs, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
The Fiscal Anatomy of Multilevel Governance: The EU and the Regulation of Taxation

[12A] Georgakakis, Didier (Strasbourg University/Institut Universitaire de France)
Bringing Elites Sociology Back in European Integration Theories: A Case Study Based on Commissioners and Directors General

[02E] Georgopoulos, Theodore (University of Reims)
Taxation of Alcohol and Consumer Attitude: Is the ECJ Sober?

[04A] Goetz, Klaus H. (Chair of German and European Politics and Government, Germany; Visiting Fellow, European Institute, LSE)
Time and Differentiated Integration

[10A] Gornitzka, Åse (University of Oslo)
Ulf Sverdrup
Access of Experts: Information and EU decision making

Teaching EU Studies in EU Languages: Tricks, Tips and Traps


[10A] Haege, Frank (University of Limerick)
Politicizing Council Decision-Making: The Effect of EP Empowerment

[07G] Hartstein, Yannick (College of Europe)
Rules of Secondment - The Role of Seconded National Experts in the Development of the CFSP and ESDP

[10G] Heidbreder, Eva G. (Free University Berlin)

[10A] Heritier, Adrienne (Schuman Center)
Catherine Moury
Contested delegation: The EP and comitology

[09F] Hertz, Robin (ETH Zurich)
Dirk Leuffen
Gridlock after Enlargement. An Analysis of Legislative Output in the European Union

[02C] Hinrichsen, Malte Carlos (ASCoR, University of Amsterdam)

[10D] Hobolt, Sara Binzer (University of Oxford)
Framing Effects in Referendums on European Integration: Experimental Evidence

[01C] Hodson, Dermot (Birkbeck College, University of London)
The ECB as a reluctant EU institution: A principal-agent perspective

[10G] Hofmann, Andreas (University of Cologne)
Influencing Policy Production in the European Union: The European Commission Before the Court of Justice

[01B] Hurrelmann, Achim (Carleton University)
Should there be a transnational theory of European integration?

[05C] Hussain, Imtiaz (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City)
Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a Security Actor

[04D] Huyst, Petra (Ghent University)
The Europeans of tomorrow. Researching European identity among young Europeans.


[12G] Isiksel, N. Turkuler (Yale University)
Breaking the law to fix it: Human rights in the EU after Kadi and Al Barakaat


[07A] Jacoby, Wade (Brigham Young University)
Sophie Meunier (Princeton University)
Europe and the Management of Globalization

[08F] Johnston, Alison (London School of Economics)
Wage Restraint and European Monetary Union: The Impact of Currency Regimes on Sectoral Wage Divergence

[05H] Jolly, Seth (Syracuse University)
Gerald DiGiustoo
Xenophobia and Immigrant Contact: British Attitudes Toward Immigrants

[02F] Jones, Jason Cannon (Furman University)
Monetary and fiscal interaction: Consequences of joining a monetary union

[04B] Jones, Erik (SAIS Bologna Center)
The Have No Idea . . . Decisionmaking and Policy Change in the Global Financial Crisis


[07F] Karagiannis, Yannis (Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals - IBEI)
The European Commission as a Constraint on its own Antitrust Policy

[03G] Kardasheva, Raya (London School of Economics)
Package Deals in EU Decision-Making

[06A] Kauppi, Niilo (CNRS/Institut d'etudes politiques, Strasbourg)
The Ontology of Institutions and Actors

[07A] Kelemen, R. Daniel (Rutgers University)
Globalizing European Union Environmental Policy

[10B] Kelemen, R. Daniel (Rutgers University)
The Strength of Weak States: Adversarial Legalism in the US and EU

[02F] Kemmerling, Achim (Jacobs University Bremen)
Philipp Genschel
Jacobs University Bremen
Which Way to Converge? The Europeanisation of National Tax Systems

[11F] Kern, Kristine (Wageningen University)
Hildegard Theobald,
Vechta University
Europeanization, Policy Transfer, and Path Dependency of Elder Care Systems

[03C] Kienzle, Benjamin (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
The Limits of European Foreign and Security Policy: A Comparison between the EU Iraq and Iran Policies

[05C] Kirchner, Emil Joseph (University of Essex)
Security Governance in the European Union

[06H] Kissack, Robert (Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI))
What’s the use of arguing? European Union strategies for the promotion of human rights in the United Nations

[07I] Kissack, Robert (Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI))
Assessing EU Performance in the ILO: Preliminary sketches of a feasible methodology

[08D] Kluever, Heike (University of Mannheim)
Interest group influence on EU policy-making: A quantitative analysis across issues

[12H] Knudsen, Ann-Christina L (Aarhus University)
Ideas, Welfare and Values. Framing the Common Agricultural Policy in the 1960s

[05E] Kochenov, Dimitry (University of Groningen, European and Economic Law)
A Glance at State Nationality/EU Citizenship Interaction (Using the Requirement to Renounce One\'s Community Nationality upon Naturalising in the Member State of Residence as a Pretext)

[07H] Kochenov, Dimitry (University of Groningen, Faculty of Law)
The Meaning of "Nationality" in Article 12 EC: A Plea for a More Inclusive Reading

[09H] Komorowska, Kinga A (University of Glasgow)
Multilevel governance versus Cohesion Policy. The Central Europe case.

[07D] Kreppel, Amie (Center for European Studies, University of Florida)
The Political Implications of Institutional Reform – Executive-Legislative Relations in the European Union

[04D] Kubicek, Paul J (Oakland University)
The EU, European Identity and Political Cleavages in Turkey

[03F] Kull, Michael (MTT Economic Research Finland)
EU Multi-level Governance in the Making - The Community Initiative LEADER+ in Finland and Germany

[08D] Kuyumdzhieva, Albena Dimitrova (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Why should we fix something if it is not broken? - A case study of the lobbying regulations in the European Institutions


[11F] Laible, Janet (Lehigh University)
In Exile or Shelter? Mobility, Social Protection and Cultural Labor in the European Union

[10C] Lavenex, Sandra (Universitaet Luzern)
Dirk Lehmkuhl (Universitaet Luzern)
Nicole Wichmann (Universitaet Luzern)
Modes of external governance. A cross-national and cross-sectoral comparison

[02A] Lewis, Jeffrey (Cleveland State University)
The Impact of Institutional Environments on Decision Making Styles in EU Decision Making

[12C] Long, David (Carleton University)
Franz Kernic
The Other Transatlantic Relationship

[04A] Loth, Wilfried (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Paper presented by Piers Ludlow (LSE)
Cycles and periods in the development of the EU-System

[11H] Lu, Chien-Yi (Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University)
The EU as the fourth branch of the member state governments?


[05E] Maas, Willem (York University)
National Citizenship and Europeanization

[09G] Mabbett, Deborah (Birkbeck, University of London)
Of Policies, Policing and Provision

[10B] Mabbett, Deborah (Birkbeck, University of London)
Social Regulation through Anti-discrimination Law: The EU and the US Compared

[05F] Mahoney, Christine (Syracuse University)
Michael Joseph Beckstrand
Following the Money: EU Funding of Civil Society Organizations

[09E] Mahoney, Christine (Syracuse University)
Frank Baumgartner
Converging Perspectives on Interest Group Research in Europe and America

[03A] MARKS, GARY (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and VU, Amsterdam)

[05F] Marshall, David (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Who to lobby:Institutional and organisational constraints to influencing European Parliamentary Committees.

[02F] Marzinotto, Benedicta (University of Udine)
Social Pacts and Macroeconomic Adjustment: fiscal adjustment and exchange rate movements, and what it means for EMU

[08B] Mattelaer, Alexander (Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
The Strategic Planning of EU Military Operations - The Case of EUFOR TCHAD / RCA

[02I] Mawdsley, Jocelyn (University of Newcastle)
Ronja Kempin Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
ESDP as an Act of American Hegemony

[07H] Mayer, Matthias M. (London School of Economics)
Germany's Preferences on the Freedom of Movement Provisions of the Ankara Agreement: The Wirtschaftswunder and Opportunity and Efforts of Turkish Diplomacy

[06E] Mayes, David (University of Auckland)
Financial Integration in Asia

[07C] Mbaye, Heather A. D. (University of West Georgia)
So What's New? Mapping a Longitudinal Regional Office Footprint in Brussels

[10H] McGowan, Lee (Queen's University Belfast)
Any Nearer to Victory in the Fifty Years War?: Assessing the European Commission’s Leadership, Weapons and Strategies towards combating Cartels

[10C] McNamara, Kathleen (Georgetown University)
Abraham Newman
Georgetown Univeristy
The European Union as Institutional Scavenger

[10J] Menon, Anand (University of Birmingham)

[06D] Menz, Georg (Goldsmiths College)
Reinterpreting the Single Market

[08E] Miettinen, Samuli (University of Salford)
Procedural Requirements for state-entrusted special powers- how must the regulators be regulated?

[07C] Moore, Carolyn (University of Birmingham, UK)
15 Years on the Sidelines? The role of the EU Commitee of the Regions reassessed

[04B] Moses, Jonathon W. (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU))
Is Constitutional Symmetry Enough? Social Models & Market Integration in the US and Europe

[03C] Mölling, Christian (Center for Security Studies - ETH Zurich)
Beyond the ESS -Conceptualizing and applying strategy analysis – the example of EU security and defence

[11D] Mölling, Christian (Center for Security Studies - ETH Zurich)
Claudia Major
Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, France
University of Birmingham, UK

Comprehensive Approaches to Crisis Management -Analytical perspectives and operative concepts of international


[04G] Nasra, Skander (Ghent University)
The Europeanization of National Foreign Policy: Bilateral Relations Revisited?

[09A] Noël, Alain (Université de Montréal)
Florence Larocque
Fighting Poverty Through the OMC/Inclusion: The Distinct National Trajectories of Belgium and the United Kingdom


[03A] Olsson, Anna (American University)
Euroscepticism Revisited - Regional Interest Representation in Brussels and the Link to Citizen Attitudes towards European Integration

[07I] Orbie, Jan (Centre for EU Studies, Ghent University)
Lisa Tortell
The New GSP-Plus Beneficiaries: Ticking the Box or Truly Consistent with ILO Findings?

[01F] Osterloh, Steffen (ZEW (Centre for European Economic Research))
Friedrich Heinemann, Philipp Mohl
EU Budget Reform Options and the Common Pool Problem


[01A] Pace, Michelle (University of Birmingham)
Interrogating the European Union's Democracy Promotion Agenda: Discursive Configurations of 'Democracy' from the Middle East

[03H] Pace, Michelle (University of Birmingham)
Paradoxes and Contradictions in EU Democracy Promotion in the Mediterranean: The Limits of EU Normative Power

[03F] Panke, Diana (UCD, Ireland)
Uploading Domestic Interests to the European Level: Why Some Small States are More Active than Others

[07E] Panke, Diana (UCD, Ireland)
Being Small in a Big Union - Structural Disadvantages, Counterbalancing Strategies, and the Varying Success of Small States in European Policy-Making

[03D] Partanen, Ulla (MTT Economic Research)
Dynamics of Migrant Labour in Rural Areas

[01D] Pech, Laurent (National University of Ireland, Galway)
The Rule of Law as a Constitutional Principle of the EU

[11F] Perez, Sofia (Boston University)
Divergent paths in European Immigration: the Role of Left Governments

[04F] Peterson, John (University of Edinburgh)
Mission? Gestion? Cabinets in the Barroso Commission

[05A] Piet, Remi (University of Miami / United Nations Environment Program)
Energy and Environment - The New "Coal and Steel" of the Union for the Mediterranean

[11H] Pollak, Johannes (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Christopher Lord
University of Oslo, ARENA
Modes of Political Representation in the EU

[09E] Poppelaars, Caelesta (University of Antwerp)
Joost Berkhout
Going to Brussels. A population perspective on interest representation in the EU

[02I] Portela, Clara (Singapore Management University)
Ulla Jasper
A Common Deterrent for a United Europe?

[11B] Portela, Clara (Singapore Management University)
Kolja Raube
(In)coherence in EU foreign policy

[03G] Puia, Dana Adriana (European Commission)
Can the EU status-quo bias in budgetary matters lead to change?


[02A] Quaglia, Lucia (Sussex University)
How does expertise influence negotiations in the EU?

[06D] Quaglia, Lucia (Sussex University)
Completing the Single Market in financial services: the politics of competing


[06F] Raube, Kolja (ARENA - University of Oslo)
The European Foreign Policy Executive and the Changing Nature of CFSP

[09F] Reinhard, Janine (University of Konstanz)
Constitutional Reform in the light of EU Enlargements

[02A] Risse, Thomas (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Mareike Kleine
Deliberation in Negotiations

[10E] Rovny, Jan (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Are Extreme Right Parties Really on the Right?


[03C] Santos Vara, Juan (University of Salamanca)
Juan Santos Vara
The External Dimención of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

[07J] Sberro, Stephan (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, ITAM, Mexico City, Emile Noel Fellow, School of Law, NYU, New York)
Is a linguistic regime necessary for North America ? Lessons from the European Union

[07A] Sbragia, Alberta M (University of Pittsburgh)
The EU, the US, and Trade Policy: Competitive Interdependence In the Management of Globalization

[03A] Schakel, Arjan (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Explaining Regional and Local Government. An Empirical Test of the Decentralization Theorem

[01H] Schattle, Hans (Yonsei University)
Beyond Interdependence: The European Union, the United States, and the Idea of an External Constituent

[09G] Schelkle, Waltraud (London School of Economics)
Joan Costa-Font, Christa van Wijnbergen
Choice and the Reconstitution of Communities of Risk in European Welfare Reforms

[10B] Schelkle, Waltraud (London School of Economics)
Regulatory State Building in Fiscal Surveillance: The US and the EU Contrasted

[05H] Schild, Joachim (University of Trier, Germany)
Philipp Hessel, Free University Berlin, Germany
Bulwark, Trojan Horse or What? Citizen's Attitudes Towards the EU's Role in the Process of Globalisation

[12A] Schmidt, Vivien A (Boston University)

[04F] Schout, Adriaan (Netherlands Institute of International Relations ('Clingendael'))
Organisational learning in the EU’s multilevel governance system

[07E] Schure, Paul (University of Victoria)
Francesco Passarelli, Bocconi University
David Scoones, university of Victoria

When the powerful drag their feet

[11G] Schwellnus, Guido (ETH Zurich)
It Ain’t Over When It’s Over – The Adoption and Sustainability of Minority Protection Rules in New EU Member States

[05D] Seidendorf, Stefan (University of Mannheim, Germany)
Crossing pillars, crossing disciplines? Comparing institutional logics and evolutions within EU

[07G] Seidendorf, Stefan (University of Mannheim, Germany)
EU-ropean practices in second pillar institutions

[03F] Shaw, Kelly B (Drake University)
Lilliard Richardson
University of Missouri
Traffic Safety Policy in the European Union: The Role of Interest Groups

[11E] Siapkidou, Elli (University of Athens)
Information and voting behaviour in European referendums: A missing link?

[07J] Siaroff, Alan (The University of Lethbridge)
The Extent and Viability of Continent-Wide Integration: The Union of South American Nations Versus the European Union

[12G] Siskova, Nadezda (Faculty of Law, Palacky University)
Eventuality of the accession of EU to European Convention of the Protection of the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Related Issues

[04C] Sissenich, Beate (Indiana University)
Weak States, Weak Societies: Comparing Old and New Member States

[04H] Smith, Andy (SPIRIT-Sciences Po Bordeaux)
Sector meets territory: The 2007 reform of the EU's wine policies

[09A] Smith, Mitchell P (University of Oklahoma)
Ships Passing in the Night: Diverging Health and Environmental Regulation in the US and the EU

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European Foreign Policy as a Research Field: An Historical and Conceptual Overview

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The EU and the US: Studying Competition, Convergence and the EU's Role(s) in the World Arena

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Neofunctionalism Spillover Theory and Endogenous OCA Analysis: Lessons from Europe for Asia

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Research Policy: a Bottom-up Contribution to European Integration and to Successful Implementation of Other EU Policies

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The European Dimension of Ethnic Minority Representation

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'Normative or Realist' versus 'Normative and Realist'

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Kyle Christensen
Stephanie J. Frisbee
The Impact of Tobacco Control Polices int he EU: Comparing Old and New Member States

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Making the Case for Europe? An Exploratory Study of EU Consular Crisis Management Cooperation as a Means of EU Public Diplomacy


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Richard Cadman
Have EU regulatory frameworks replaced or only obscured the national positive state?

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Policy Coordination at the Level of EU Institutions: Integration of Environmental Concerns in European Parliament Decision-making

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Beyond Fortress Europe? How European Cooperation Strengthens Refugee Protection

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Locational Tournaments in the European Union and the United States

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European Integration, Economics, and Voting Behavior in the 2001 British General Election

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The Lisbon Treaty: an attempt to enhance leadership in the EU?

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EU internal security policies in the Western Balkans: analysing the intersection between enlargement and civilian crisis management

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Europe and its Industry's Future: Bening Neglect or European Interest?

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Family Reunification Rights of (Migrant) Union Citizens: Towards a More Liberal Approach

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The Open Method of Coordination and Integration Theory: Are There Lessons to be Learned?

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EU-Russia Regional Cooperation Networks: Assessment of EU Influence in the Russian Northwestern and Southern Regions

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Integration without Identification?


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How Can the Agent Influence Negotiations between Principals? The Case of the European Commission and Cohesion Policy

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Reform perspectives for Cohesion Policy in the budget review process

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Voting Behavior in the Council of the European Union after the 2004 Enlargement

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Negotiating Third Country National Rights in the European Union


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The EU-Africa Migration Partnership: An assessment of EU constraints and African leverage – a case study of Ghana and Senegal

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The Euro-indifference of ordinary citizens, another type of resistance to European integration? Empirical and Theoretical Contributions to the study of legitimacy in a multilevel polity

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General principles of coordination of social security: ruminating ad infinitum?

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New Governance and EU Constitutionalism: Friends or Foes?

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Gabriela E. Chira
Bridges over Convulsing Waters: the EU aspiring Eastern Partners’ Role in the Regional Governance

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Explaining the Use of Preliminary References by Domestic Courts

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Falling Fertility Rates: New Challenges to the Welfare State


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"A Finger for Berlusconi": Italy's anti-immigration/anti-crime measures, Romanian realities, and the poverty of European citizenship

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Security Policy and Intelligence Cooperation in the European Union

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Mode(l)s of Decision-Making in the Council

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The ASEAN Regional Forum and Security Governance in Asia-Pacific

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Exit, Voice, and Cyclicality: A Micro-Logic of Voting Behaviour in European Parliament Elections

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Transaction Costs in the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP): Understanding the United States’ Impact on European Security

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Background Paper for EU-CONSENT Lecture, Thursday, 8:00-9:00 p.m.,
Sierra II
Analysis and Assessment: From a Discovery Tour on the EU

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The EU and Sub-Saharan Africa: developing the strategic culture of the Union’s Foreign Security and Defence Policy

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‘More in than out’ – Switzerland’s Association with Schengen

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Competition Policy in the Recession: industrial crisis and implications for the economic constitution

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Union Citizenship and its Dynamics for Integration beyond the Market

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The European Union and the Pacific: Recalibrating Post-Lome Development Strategy and Dialogue

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The 'Judicial', the 'Administrative' and Consistent Application After the Decentralisation of EC Antitrust Enforcement

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Governance networks in the external dimension of EU migration policy: Europeanisation through the grapevine?


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Legislative Power of the European Parliament Committees: Plenary Adoption of Committee Reports

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The Effect of Inter-institutional Rules on the Division of Power in the European Parliament: Allocation of Consultation versus Codecision Reports


Gender equality in Greek employment policy: a story of Europeanization?

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Real Exchange Rate Movements and Endogenous OCA Analysis: Lessons from the Euro Area for Asia

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Managing and Enforcing Compliance with EU law: The Perspective of the Commission

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