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[4D] Abbarno, Aaron (University of Pittsburgh)
with Galina Zapryanova
Who Can Frame Europe? Mainstream vs. Fringe Party Euroscepticism and its Implications for Public Opinion
[2H] Adams, Paul Simon (University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg)
Successful Non-Membership: Can Turkey Learn from the Swiss, Icelandic, and Norwegian Cases?
[9K] Aden, Hartmut (Berlin School of Economics and Law)
The transnational exchange of information between security agencies in the EU and beyond: Tensions between security interests and data protection
[8B] Anagnostakis, Dimitrios (University of Nottingham (School of Politics & International Relations))
Customs security cooperation between the United States and European Union since 2001: the 2004 customs security agreement – a regime theory perspective
[2B] Anderson, Stephanie (University of Wyoming)
Why the EAS Will Not Increase the EU's Visibility In External Affairs: How Coordination Hinders News Coverage
[3G] Andlovic, Maja (European Parliament)
with Wilhelm Lehmann
Trilogues in early adoptions of legislative acts: who benefits, who loses influence? The air industry emissions case
[9E] Austermann, Frauke (ESSCA School of Management)
Playing the Brussels Game Abroad: The Role of Coordination Groups of European Diplomats in Third Countries


[9L] Baltag, Dorina (Loughborough University)
EU performance in Eastern Europe: examining institutional coordination between EU diplomatic actors post Lisbon
[6G] Ban, Carolyn (University of Pittsburgh)
How Much Does Nationality Shape Management Style within the European Commission? The Case of Managers from Central and Eastern Europe
[3D] Barrett, Beverly (University of Miami)
Successes and Challenges in Implementing the Bologna Process: The Political Economy Context
[4H] Barrinha, Andre (University of Coimbra)
Post-modernities: Europe and its defence
[3I] Baysal, Asli (University of Florida)
Charles Tilly Revisited: Is Peace-Building as equally powerful as War-Making? : Lessons from the European Union
[7E] Bernier, Alexandre (University of Copenhagen)
Facilitating and challenging European law: the struggle of two
[3G] Beyers, Jan (University of Antwerp)
with Iskander De Bruycker & Inger Baller
Partisanship, Alignment and Legislative Lobbying in the EU
[4F] Blavoukos, Spyros (Athens University of Economics and Business)
with Dimitris Bourantonis
Struggling with Performance: An Analytical Framework for the EU International Interactions
[5H] Bocquillon, Pierre (University of Cambridge)
The Strategic Construction of the Urgency of Climate Change? Discursive Entrepreneurship in the Negotiations on the ‘Energy and Climate Change Package’
[10D] Botta, Marco (University of Vienna)
with Guido Schwellnus
The Effectiveness of Conditionality in Enforcing EU State Aid Rules in EU Candidate Countries
[9F] Bouvet, Florence (Sonoma State University)
with Sharmila King & Ryan Brady
Debt Contagion in Europe: A Panel-VAR Analysis
[1K] Boyer-Paillard, Dorothée (Université de Perpignan)
The Protection of the Typical Goods€™' Origin: Glance at the EU and U.S. Public Policies
[10K] Braghiroli, Stefano (University of Tartu, Estonia)
Looking at Ankara from Strasbourg: Crossing MEPs' perceptions and voting attitudes on Turkey-related votes
[11C] Bressanelli, Edoardo (School of Government, LUISS Guido Carli)
Necessary Deepening? How parties in the European Parliament adapt to enlargement


[4J] Cambien, Nathan (University of Leuven)
EU citizenship and the ECJ: Why care about Primary Carers?
[9C] Cassarino, Jean-Pierre (European University Institute)
Labour and the EU Readmission System
[2A] Chang, Michele (College of Europe)
European Economic Governance and Incremental Integration
[11A] Cheneval, Francis (University of Zurich)
with Frank Schimmelfennig & Sandra Lavenex
Demoi-cracy in the European Union: Principles, Institutions, Policies
[3F] Clancy, Kelly (Rutgers University)
Populist Politics in Poland: The case of the Smolensk disaster
[2D] Clark, Nicholas (University of Oklahoma)
Understanding through Context: The Effects of Institutional Quality on Political Knowledge
[12F] Cleeton, David (Illinois State University)
EMU\'s Franco-German Core: The Record of Economic Convergences
[11C] Conant, Lisa (University of Denver)
Who Measures up? Human Rights in an Enlarging European Union
[12G] Cooper, Ian (ARENA, University of Oslo)
A Yellow Card for the Striker: How National Parliaments Defeated EU Strikes Regulation
[2B] Cross, Mai'a (ARENA Centre for European Studies)
The Eurozone Crisis and the Future of CSDP
[10H] Crowley, Patrick M. (Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi)
with Enrique Garcia, Chee-Heong Quah
Is Europe Growing Together or Growing Apart?


[6D] da Conceicao-Heldt, Eugénia (TU Dresden )
A Cacophony of Voices? The European Union's Cohesiveness in the Negotiation of Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements
[2J] Danescu, Elena Rodica (Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe)
The Werner Report revisited (A rereading of the Werner Report of 8 October 1970)
[10K] Daniel, William T (Francis Marion University )
Making the European Parliament the Only Game in Town: Federalism and Party Gatekeeping in Multi-Level Careers
[7E] Davies, Bill (American University)
The Reception of EU Law in Germany 1952-1979
[1B] De Bruycker, Iskander (University of Antwerp)
with Jan Beyers
Who Wins Media Space and Why? Interest Groups and Legislative Lobbying in the European News Media
[11D] Dehousse, Renaud (Centre d'études européennes, Sciences Po)
Negative Europeanization: European Issues in the 2013 Italian Elections
[3J] Delisante Morató, Virginia (Universidad ORT Uruguay)
with Javier Bonilla Saus
Latin (America and) Europe: Who Is Pulling Away From Whom?
[6D] Delreux, Tom (University of Louvain)
Revisiting EU Actorness in Environmental Affairs
[11G] Depoorter, Inge (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Decisional malaise after EU enlargement? Examining the substantive lourdeur of EU decision-making.
[5B] Dinan, Desmond (George Mason University)
Confusion, Complementarity and Competition:
[4K] Dominguez, Roberto (European University Institute/SuffolkUniversity)
The Limits and Contributions of the EU to Democracy, Stability and Development in Latin America
[10B] Drake, Helen (Loughborough University)
Learning from Peers: The Role of the Student Advisor in Internationalising the European Studies Curriculum
[8C] du Plessix, Caroline (Sciences Po)
The creative effect of Norms resistance in EU External Action: the Case of Israel'€™s exports


[7C] Eckhardt, Jappe (World Trade Institute, University of Bern)
Transnational lobbying in EU and US WTO Dispute Settlement cases
[3I] Eliasson, Leif Johan (East Stroudsburg University)
Europe'€™s crises and integration: changing accepted and expected behavior and saving the Euro?
[5K] Elvins, Martin (University of Dundee)
Europe's Caribbean frontier: policing the cocaine supply chain


[2B] Fabbrini, Sergio (Luiss University - Rome)
The EU dealing with the Libyan Crisis: the unresolved dilemmas of intergovernmentalism
[5I] Faure, Samuel B.H. (CERI-Sciences Po Paris)
Measuring and Mapping the Differentiated European Integration of the Defence Procurement Sector
[10E] Fortin-Rittberger, Jessica (GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften)
with Berthold Rittberger
Do Electoral Rules Matter? Explaining National Differences in Women'€™s Representation in the European Parliament
[2H] Freyburg, Tina (University of Warwick)
Learning Democratic Governance? The Democratic Micro-effect of Transgovernmental Networks
[11G] Fuchs, Susan (University College London)
The Role of Context in Intergovernmental Negotiations: The case of the Stability and Growth Pact
[7D] Fuller, Gregory W. (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS))
Destructive Creation: Unintended Consequences of the Rise of Finance
[6E] Furness, Mark (German Development Institute)
with Stefan Gänzle
The European Union'€™s development policy: a balancing act between '€˜a more comprehensive approach'€™ and creeping securitisation


[3B] Garcia, Borja (Loughborough University)
with Henk-Erik Meier
Keeping private governance private: Is FIFA blackmailing national governments?
[7D] Garcia Calvo, Angela (London School of Economics)
State transformation and state of the art banks: introducing peer coordination
[11I] Garcia-Duran, Patricia (University of Barcelona)
The need for problem-based learning in European Studies
[6C] Gattermann, Katjana (Cologne University, Maastricht University, University of Cambridge)
with Anna-Lena Hoegenauer & Ariella Huff
A New Phase of Europeanisation of National Parliaments: Towards Mainstreaming of EU Affairs?
[1G] Genna, Gaspare (The University of Texas at El Paso)
with Birol Yesilada & Peter Noordijk
Political Performance, Leadership, and Regional Integration in Europe: An Examination of the French and German Roles
[5G] Genschel, Philipp (Jacobs University Bremen, Hertie School of Governance)
with Markus Jachtenfuchs
Vision vs. Process. An institutionalist account of the Euro-crisis
[7D] Gerba, Eddie (London School of Economics)
with Waltraud Schelkle
The finance-welfare state nexus of the crisis
[5F] Giurcanu, Magda (University of Florida)
European Union Politicization and the Democratic Deficit: Why European Parliament Elections Matter
[3A] Greer, Scott (University of Michigan)
Structural Adjustment Comes to Europe: Lessons for the Eurozone from the Conditionality Debates
[4F] Groen, Lisanne (Insitute for European Studies (IES), Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
with Jamal Shahin
EU Performance in Multilateral Institutions: From Simple (1.0) to Sophisticated Effectiveness (2.0)
[10D] Gstoehl, Sieglinde (College of Europe, Bruges)
The European Neighbourhood Policy between Integration and Differentiation: The Prospects of a Neighbourhood Economic Community
[10H] Guay, Terrence (Pennsylvania State University)
with Chad Damro
The European Union, Competition Policy, and the Global Economy
[4D] Gunnarsson, Mattias (Linnaeus University)
The European Union and Nordic Agrarian Parties: Opportunity or Threat?


[5L] Hakansson, Carlos (Universidad de Piura)
The progressive appearance of constitutional elements in integration processes. Toward a reformulation of the international community and a humanist vision of community law.
[6H] Hanley, Seán (University College London)
Unexpected consequences of an unexpected Prime Minister? The 2009-10 Fischer administration in the Czech Republic
[1D] Harmsen, Robert (University of Luxembourg)
The Bologna Process and New Modes of Governance: Logics and Limits of Arena-shaping
[12H] Haubrich-Seco, Miguel (Charles University in Prague / University of Cologne)
EU promotion of regional integration and cooperation. Theorising and tracing its impact in Mercosur and the Western Balkans.
[11C] Heidbreder , Eva G. (Heinrich-Heine Uni Duesseldorf)
Why Widening Makes Deepening: Unintended Policy Extension Through Polity Expansion
[1F] Henokl, Thomas (University of Agder)
Inside the External Action Service: institutional change and the European political order
[7A] Hobolt, Sara (London School of Economics and Political Science)
The Public Constraint on EU Governance During and Beyond and Crisis
[7I] Hoepfner, Danial (University of Pittsburgh)
To what degree is European Identification about the EU?
[4I] Hoerner, Julian (London School of Economics and Political Science)
The Determinants of Debate on EU Affairs in National Parliaments: A Quantitative Perspective
[4A] Howarth, David (University of Luxembourg)
with Lucia Quaglia
Banking on Stability: The political economy of new capital requirements in the European Union
[9D] Hoyland, Bjorn (University of Oslo)
with Vibeke W Hansen
Issue-specific policy-positions and voting in the Council
[11H] Huebner, Kurt (University of British Columbia)
Europe Left Behind? The Long Goodbye: From US Hegemony to a Regime of Negotiated Multipolarity
[3D] Hurrelmann, Achim (Carleton University)
Demoi-cratic Citizenship in Europe: An Impossible Ideal?
[3I] Hussain, Imtiaz (Universidad Iberoamericana)
Governing the E.U. Bailout Crisis: C.A.P. Lessons for Salvaging the Euro


[7A] Ioannou, Demosthenes (ECB)
with Arne Niemann (University of Mainz)
Building a European financial market union: a case of neofunctionalist spillover


[10A] Jachtenfuchs, Markus (Hertie School of Governance)
with Christiane Kraft-Kasack
Balancing unity and diversity. Exit and voice in the EU and in federal systems
[11J] Jensen, Mads (University of Copenhagen)
with Po-Kuan Wu
EU in troubled water? Global economic power shifts in the aftermath of financial crisis
[11F] Johansson, Markus (University of Gothenburg)
Domestic Constraints Tactics in the Council of the EU
[4B] Jolly, Seth (Syracuse University, University of Georgia, University of Gothenburg)
with Ryan Bakker & Jonathan Polk
The Public Issue Space: Exploring Party and Public Dimensionality
[11I] Jones, Rebecca (Widener University)
A chance to skip class or an effective teaching tool? Evaluating five years of EuroSim
[3F] Jungar, Ann-Cathrine (Södertörn University)
Keeping the Party together Party leadership and cohesion in the True Finns and Sweden Democrats


[8H] Kantokoski, Olga (Helsinki University)
External Dimension of the EU ‘Police Governance’€™ in the Western Balkans: Functional Necessity or Political Expediency?
[5G] Kelemen, R. Daniel (Rutgers University)
with Terence Teo
Law and the Eurozone Crisis
[3E] Kempin, Ronja (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik)
with Stefan Steinicke & Ronja Scheler
The EU's Actorness in the Sahel Region
[7G] Kersschot, Margaux (University of Antwerp)
with Dirk De Bièvre
Regions and the European Union'€™s external economic policies: how regional authorities'€™ capacity for control varies
[4C] Knittel, David (University of Koblenz-Landau)
with Siegmar Schmidt & Wolf J. Schuenemann
The impact of veto coalitions in the European sovereign debt crisis
[3J] Kos-Stanisic, Lidija (University of Zagreb)
Croatia New EU member and Old Latin American Agenda
[12J] Kotsopoulos, John (University of Kent)
Do Perceptions Make Difference? Assessing Change in EU-Africa Relations
[10D] Kourtikakis, Kostas (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
with Ekaterina Turkina (HEC Montreal)
Building Community in European Union External Relations: Civil Society Networks in the European Neighborhood Policy
[11F] Kreppel, Amie (University of Florida)
Legislative Implications of the Lisbon Treaty: The (Potential) Role of Ideology
[10E] Kunert, Jessica Sabrina (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
MEPs on the Web - The European Parliament, its communication function and the new digital media


[7E] Larsson, Olof (University of Gothenburg)
with Daniel Naurin
Legislative Override of Constitutional Courts: The Case of the European Union
[5C] Lequesne, Christian (CERI - Sciences Po Paris)
The European Union Foreign Policy: has the External Action Service improved the consistency?
[5B] Leuffen, Dirk (University of Konstanz)
with Thomas Malang & Sebastian Woerle
Stucture, Capacity or Power? Explaining Salience in EU Decision‐Making
[3H] Lightfoot, Simon (University of Leeds)
with Balazs Szent-Ivanyi
Reluctant Donors? The Europeanization of International Development Policies in the New Members
[10C] Littlepage, Kelley (University of Oregon)
Transmitting Jurisprudence in a Supranational System: A British Case Study
[9K] Loedel, Peter (West Chester University and Canisius College)
with John Occhipinti
Combating Euro-Counterfeiting within the European Union: Implications for Policy Cooperation
[9K] Loik, Ramon (Tartu University/Estonian Academy of Security Sciences)
National and Supranational in EU Internal Security: Reflections on the Training Scheme Phase 1st


[5G] Mabbett, Deborah (Birkbeck, University of London and LSE)
with Waltraud Schelkle
Searching under the lamp post: The evolution of fiscal surveillance
[10A] Maffei, Domenic (Caldwell College)
Crisis and Integration: The Effect of Crisis on the Pace of European Integration
[9L] Marangoni, Anne-Claire (Maastricht University)
Renewing appropriate measures against Zimbabwe in 2012: Articulating foreign policy, development and trade objectives
[3A] Matthijs, Matthias (Johns Hopkins University - SAIS)
The Euro Crisis and the Erosion of Democratic Legitimacy: Lessons from the Gold Standard
[12C] Maurer, Heidi (Maastricht University and University of Coimbra)
with Licinia Simao
From regional power to global power? The European Neighbourhood Policy after the Lisbon Treaty
[1G] Mazzucelli, Colette (New York University)
Changing Partners at Fifty?
[6H] McDonnell, Duncan (European University Institute)
with Marco Valbruzzi
Defining and Classifying Technocrat-led and Technocratic Governments
[9A] Menon, Anand (Kings College London)
States, Institutions and Europe's Defence Deficit
[4I] Miklin, Eric (University of Salzburg; Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies)
From vote-seeking towards policy-seeking: The Austrian parliament'€™s engagement in EU affairs after Lisbon
[11K] Minderhoud, Paul (Centre for Migration Law, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Directive 2004/38 and Access to Social Assistance Benefits
[3D] Morsink, Niels (University of Antwerp)
Research design : What tactics explain differences in influence between regions?
[12B] Muftuler-Bac, Meltem (Sabanci University)
with Damla Cihangir
European Integration and Transatlantic Relations
[7C] Muhleisen, Joselyn (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Institutionalized and Coordinated Domination: EU-US Cooperation and the Global Economy


[9A] Nelsen, Brent (Furman University)
Confessional Culture, National Identity and Political Pressure: A Cultural Theory of European Integration
[6C] Neuhold, Christine (Maastricht University)
with Hoegenauer Anna-Lena
Administrators networking EU affairs? The role of parliamentary officials in inter-parliamentary coordination and control
[2G] Neuman, Marek (Metropolitan University Prague)
Democracy Promotion: The Czech Republic's Niche in the European Union's Foreign Policy?
[8E] Neuwahl, Nanette (Université de Montréal)
The Philosophy of Small Change: Harmonisation of Transborder Litigation
[6I] Newnham, Randall (Penn State University)
EU 'Soft Power' in Eastern Europe: The Case of Serbia
[5C] Nivet, Bastien (IRIS/EMLV)
The third way? The European External Action Service and the emergence of a distinctive mode of European Integration in the field of foreign, security and defence policy
[1K] Ntziora, Vassiliki (University of Reims)
The European Wine Labeling Regulation: In-between Public Health Interests and Producers' Interests


[6L] Oehri, Myriam (University of Lucerne / Harvard Law School)
EU and US Governance of Labor Provisions in Mexico: Hierarchy and Network Governance Revisited
[2G] Oktay, Sibel (Syracuse University)
United We Act, Divided We Halt? The Effects of Government Structure on the Foreign Policy Behavior of European Governments, 1994-2004
[9G] Olivieri, Victor Mateo (University of Florida)
Finding the European Demos: Quantitative Indicators and the Performance of Being European


[5L] Paderon, Marissa Maricosa (Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines)
European Studies in the Philippines: Looking back and the challenges ahead
[2E] Parsons, Craig (University of Oregon)
Why Hair-Splitting is the Only Way to Synthesis in EU Studies
[11F] Perez, Lauren (University of Pittsburgh )
Elections as a Council Advantage: National Elections, MEP Voting Defection, and Council Bargaining Success
[1E] Peterson, John (University of Edinburgh & IAI Rome)
with Riccardo Alcaro & Nathalie Tocci
Multipolarity and Transatlantic Relations: Multilateralism and Leadership in a New International Order
[6F] Pisapia, Alice (University Insubria)
The role of the national judge in the European State aids sector
[11E] Pochet, Philippe (ETUI, UCL, College of Europe)
with Christophe Degryse
The dismanteling of the EU social model
[6I] Postnikov, Evgeny (University of Pittsburgh)
with Ida Bastiaens
Does Dialogue Work? The Effectiveness of Labor Standards in EU Preferential Trade Agreements


[3A] Quaglia, Luica (York University)
The comparative political economy of the soverein debt crisis in Italy and Spain


[1L] Rasmussen, Morten (Universiy of Copenhagen)
with Anne Boerger
Building European Law. The Life and Role of Michel Gaudet
[9C] Reslow, Natasja (Maastricht University)
with Maarten Vink
Preferences and Procedures: Three-level Games in EU External Migration Policy
[3G] Rimkute, Dovile (Mannheim University)
with Markus Haverland
How does the European Commission use scientific expertise? Results from a survey of scientific members of the Commission’s expert committees
[6K] Roos, Christof (University of Bremen)
with Natascha Zaun
Normative regimes in the regulation of asylum and immigration: International conventions - attitudes - EU integration
[5F] Rose, Richard (University of Strathclyde)
Imperfections in EU Representation: Too Much or Too Little Democracy?
[3I] Rosskopf, Stefanie (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
EU Governance in Crisis
[2E] Rowell, Jay (University of Strasbourg)
Theoretical eclectism and Robust Empirical grounding.
[9I] Roy, Joaquin (University of Miami)
The Future of European Union-Latin American Relations from a Transatlantic Perspective
[2K] Ruano, Lorena (CIDE)
The Europeanization of National Foreign Policies towards Latin America: Conclusions
[6A] Rubio Rios, Luis Arnoldo (Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED), Costa Rica)
Europe Interest in Latin America


[4F] Saenen, Bregt (Ghent University)
Conceptualizing the Causal Effect Between EU Coherence and Effectiveness in International Institutions, Applied to ILO Standard Setting
[8A] Salant, Brian (Yale University)
Political Participation of Immigrants in Belgium: The Quest for Equal Political Knowledge
[8C] Saurugger, Sabine (Sciences Po Grenoble)
with Fabien Terpan
Resistance to EU Soft Law. A Typology of Instruments
[3J] Sberro, Stephan (ITAM Mexico)
After the first EU-CELAC summit in Santiago: A new beginning for the bi-regional strategic association?
[7D] Schelkle, Waltraud (London School of Economics)
with Eddie Gerba
The finance-welfare state nexus of the crisis
[9A] Schimmelfennig, Frank (ETH Zurich)
Circles and Hemisphere. Differentiated integration in and beyond the European Union
[2E] Schuenemann, Wolf J. (University of Koblenz-Landau)
Sociosyncracies—a discourse theoretical approach to the structural problems of European integration
[8A] Seikel, Daniel (University Bremen, Collaborative Research Center 597 'Transformations of the State')
Class struggle in the shadow of Luxembourg? The impact of the European Court of Justice's case law on the autonomous regulation of working conditions by social partners
[9L] Selianko, Iulii (PhD Fellow, University of Osnabrueck)
Discursive Power-fights at the European Commission: Opening the Black Box of Energy Policy Coordination
[2J] Selva, Simone (German Historical Institute, Washington DC)
Money market, industrial credit, foreign trade. American assistance policies and the shaping of West European consumer societies from Bretton Woods through the recession 1970s. A preliminary study
[6J] Sheppard, Elizabeth (Institut Catholique de Paris)
with Sophie Enos-Attali
Active learning, internationalisation elements of a "revolution" in "Teaching affairs"?
[2F] Slapin, Jonathan (University of Houston)
Measurement, Model Testing, and Legislative Influence in the European Union
[6D] Smith, Michael H (Loughborough University)
Four Roles in Search of an Author: The European Union, the United States and the Changing Transatlantic Agenda
[4D] Spach, Miléna (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
with Camille Dutrey
Expressive voting and extremist identity : Empirical evidence from France
[11I] Statham, Alison (De Montfort University)
Simulating EU Policy Making
[12H] StrossŸ, Simon (Charles University Prague)
Promoting Policy Coherence for Development in EU External Action - The role of governance regimes
[7K] Suzuki, Kazuto (Hokkaido University / Princeton University)
Regulatory Power of the EU in Maintaining Security in Space: Politics beyond Normative Power
[2G] Sweeney, Daniel (University of Scranton)
Small Member States, the CFSP, and the Limits Imposed by Austerity Budgets: The Irish Experience
[4D] Szoecsik, Edina (UNC-Chapel Hill/VU Amsterdam)
Minority Nationalist Parties and European Integration: Europeanists Par Excellence?


[8G] Thiel, Markus (Florida International University, Miami)
The EU Fundamental Rights Agency & NGOs: probing theories on transnational advocacy and sociological institutionalism in the EU
[11D] Tiemann, Guido (Institute for Advanced Studies)
Projection and Bias
[1G] Trouille, Jean-Marc (Bradford University School of Management)
with Henrik Uterwedde
France, Germany and the European Response to globalisation
[5B] Tsebelis, George (U of Michigan)
Bridging Qualified Majority and Unanimity Decisionmaking in the EU
[8G] Tugdar, Emel (West Virginia University)
Europeanization of Minority Protection Policies in Latvia: EU Accession Aand the Rights of Ethnic Russians


[2F] Ucarer, Emek (Bucknell University)
Linking Berlin and Brussels: Nongovernmental Organizations Engage the European Union on Asylum


[11C] van der Veen, Maurits (College of William & Mary)
Enlargement and the anticipatory deepening of European integration
[6J] Van Dyke, Gretchen (The University of Scranton)
Teaching and Learning for a European Identity
[12J] van Reisen, Mirjam (Tilburg University)
The end or the beginning of a new relationship: the EU and the ACP group
[1G] Vassallo, Francesca (University of Southern Maine)
The Undeniable Relevance of the Franco-German Leadership in the EU
[12F] Vilpisauskas, Ramunas (Vilnius University)
with Vytautas Kuokstis
National responses to the financial and economic crisis: how relevant is the expeirence of the Baltic States to Southern EU members?


[6J] Wang, Xiaohai (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)
Cultural Studies on European Integration: A New Perspective on Teaching the European Union
[2F] Wendler, Frank (University of Washington)
Sources of Contention
[4G] Wessels, Wolfgang (University of Cologne)
The European Council as the key (international) player
[4I] Winzen, Thomas (ETH Zurich)
with Christilla Roederer-Rynning & Frank Schimmelfennig
Parliamentary Co-Evolution: National Parliaments and the Empowerment of the European Parliament
[10F] Wouters, Jan (Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven)
with Bregt Nations & David D'Hollander
EU-Brazil Relations at the World Trade Organization: Dispute Settlement as Leverage


[3B] Young, Alasdair (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Regulators beyond Borders: The External Impact of the EU'€™s Rules


[10I] Zaccaroni, Giovanni (University of Bologna)
How non discrimination fostered the inflation of new rights: the impact of judicial activism and political negligence on European integration in the case law of the European Courts
[7H] Zaiotti, Ruben (Dalhousie University)
Europe beyond Europe? Identity and the politics of the everyday in the making of the European Union'€™s ‘External Dimension’€™
[9B] Zeitlin, Jonathan (University of Amsterdam)
Extending Experimentalist Governance? The EU and Transnational Regulation

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